We're a team made of fashion jewelry lovers based in Big Apple - New York City.🍎

Each of us hearts every piece of beautiful fashion jewelry.💍

No matter it's an old vintage one that is accidentally discovered somewhere at the flea market and only costs a few dollars,

Or the more expensive ones that are supposed to be displayed at gorgeous shop windows. We are dedicated to discover, select and source charm and lovely fashion jewelry from all around the world and share them with our beloved each one of you.❤️


“Sometimes love hurts, but jewelry doesn't. ” Every girl needs to be treasured and accessorized with unique and defining fashion jewelry. Every wonderful moment of life needs to be collected and sensed.💃


"BOLD, DARING, REAL and UNIQUE, she picks a piece of a shiny ring from the jewelry box and puts it on her finger, smiles, turns around, and flirts like a first love. " 💓

SF Jewelry

Select and ship with LOVE.💗💗💗